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Individual Record for: Robert Wauchope (male)

    Gilbert Wauchope+
  William Wauchope      Family Record
Robert Wauchope      Family Record Alison Hamilton+
Hepburne of Wauchton
  Anne Hepburne      Family Record

Spouse Children
Margaret Dundas
  (Family Record)
Archibald Wauchope
Mary Wauchope
Margaret Douglas
  (Family Record)
William Wauchope
George Wauchope

Event Date Details
Birth ABT 1560
Heir to NM
"In 1592 Robert Wauchope of Caikmuir, susspected Papist was accused before his presbytery of going yearly barefooted in Pilgramage to the cross of Peebles. and he admitted having been guilty a few years back but said he had given it up as a rite unprofitable and ungodly"
Domestic Annals of Scotland
Death BEF 1601  
Zealous supporter of Queen Mary with son AW deeply involved in fueds

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