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Individual Record for: Sir John Wauchope (male)

    Archibald Wauchope+
  Sir Francis Wauchope      Family Record
Sir John Wauchope      Family Record Rachael McGill+
  Jean Sandilands      Family Record

Spouse Children
Anne Hamilton
  (Family Record)
Margaret Wauchope
Rebecca Wauchope
Jeane Wauchope
Anna Wauchope
Andrew Wauchope
John (of Edmonstone) Wauchope
Jean (Dame) Ker
  (Family Record)
Francis Wauchope
James Wauchope
Marie Wauchope

Event Date Details
Birth BEF 1625
Eldest according to pb
Death JAN 1682 Place: Buried Niddrie Chappell pb
Abdicated to son Andrew
Generic Event 1632 Place: succeeded to title knighted by chas 1 for more info see attachment

Attribute Details
Caste Name Burgess, City of Edinburgh 1649

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