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Individual Record for: Francis Wauchope (male)

    Patrick Wauchope+
  John (Macer) Wauchope      Family Record
Francis Wauchope      Family Record  
  Jonet Aikinhead       

Spouse Children
Vere Bothwell (of Glencorse)
  (Family Record)
Mary Wauchope
7 sons 5 dau
Henry Wauchope

Event Date Details
Birth 8 AUG 1676 Place: Edinburgh/59
Caikmure succeeded to father 1684
March 1708 The French vessels being lighter and cleaner, outstripped the English in sailing, and all of them escaped, with the exception of the Salisbury, a ship formerly captured from the English, which was taken. On board of this vessel were Lord Griffin, the Earl of Middleton’s two sons, M. La Vie, a Major-general, Colonel Francis Wauchope, some other officers, and between 300 and 400 soldiers.
General History of the Highlands
Birth ABT 1680  
Patterson Book

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